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A Positive Place to Create & Celebrate

Whether you're looking to build a body of work, craft client work, experiment and push yourself or just work alongside creative people, this is why we exist. We welcome anyone with a vision and the energy to support the cause and realize that the more they contribute, the stronger our creative community becomes around us.

A Community of Mixed-Media and Minds

Everyone has their own unique style, process, personality and creative offering and that's what we love about it. We've organically assembled a truly diverse creative community that works together, privately or openly. As studio spaces open up, we welcome new artists of all backgrounds and talents to join us. Outside artists welcome too! 


Calling All Creatives

As an artist owned business we know how challenging it is to find a gallery space to exhibit your artwork in.  PSS offers a substantial gallery space as a priority to our members, but also seek outside artists as well. Best of all, the surrounding Logan Square community benefits from consistent diversity in art based events and workshops.