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Interested in a new creative working environment? We'd love to have you working alongside us! It’s easy to join and even easier to collaborate. Reach out by requesting to join below and we'll help setup a time to come out and see the space and feel the vibes!


Private Studios


Our private workspaces offer your own personal enclosed area to rock out and create. These studios have lofted eight foot walls to work/display on, outlets on every wall, large ceiling work light, and door locks with keys. You can personalize your own workspace however you’d like. 

Starting at $335/month


Open Personal Studios


Our open air studios are perfect if you don’t need a door. These spaces offer the most natural light from the main entrance and can be outfitted with your own furnishings. These are dedicated work areas with no dividers and offer a large work/show wall, adjustable lighting and wall outlet.

Starting at $175/month